Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Here is my humble entry for Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. (How do you spell the dude’s name anyway.

Friendly Atheist has a compilation (via Meming of Life).

And you know Jesus, he went right for the groin with his submission.


  1. You can find my humble addition to the genre of Muhammad pictures on my site http://www.themaninchina.com
    Rather than depict the prophet as a warrior, I thought it might be a good idea to have Muhammad remind his followers that they are supposed to be non-violent.

  2. Well done, a much better thought than my own. The light saber was more an act of whimsy on my part than an overt statement. Unfortunately, some Muslims will not agree that Islam preaches non-violence.

  3. […] fun this week centered around Everybody draw Muhammad Day! Quite a lot of people drew Muhammad or thought about it. I didn’t get around to it (or, perhaps, I was with free expression in […]