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$2 Mormon Haircuts

stvltvs College Girls Give $2 Mormon Haircuts, a Rhett and Link local commercial.

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Freethinker’s Book of Mormon

It could use a lot more work before making its way into the bazaar, but it’s time.

I’ve been working on a project recently. I’m always full of crazy ideas, only some of which pan out. Succeed or fail, I have fun discovering how things turn out.

My latest overly ambitious, harebrained scheme is the Freethinker’s Book of Mormon, an effort to look objectively at the claims surrounding the Book of Mormon.

While some believers may immediately dismiss it as “anti-Mormon”, I think that label is undeserved. I plan to cover good and bad. If it seems biased against Mormonism, I hope it is because reality has an anti-Mormon bias. Ultimately, I want to reflect the reality of the situation, not build a case against Mormonism. I want to hear what the facts say.

I don’t think I could have done this objectively until very recently. I’m finally ready to take up the gauntlet that was laid at my feet almost three years ago. I’m sure Anonymous forgot about this long ago, but it has stuck in the back of my mind ever since, and its time has come due.

There’s not a lot there yet. Aside from designing and implementing the website, I’ve spent the most time on a challenge to Book of Mormon authenticity, an article on anachronistic animals that is still incomplete.

So, please take a look and tell me what you think.

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