This blog is no longer being updated. About this blog.


The original raison d’être for this blog was to tell the story of my metamorphosis from a practicing Mormon to a questing, agnostic, passionate, cheerfully nameless something else. This story, intended primarily for my family, is a good way to understand where I’m coming from. It is the personal context for the remainder of this blog. For the impatient, there is also an executive summary. For the attention challenged, I offer my story as a haiku.

Lacey, my wife, has also written about the day she found out and how she felt seven months later.

For those who find themselves the surprised parents of an atheist, So Your Child Told You He or She Is An Atheist—Now What? is an excellent guide about what to expect and how to respond lovingly.

If you’re interested in learning more about the problems with Mormonism and theism that changed my mind, here are a few links:

If you’re looking for a community of ex-Mormons who will support you in your transition out of the Mormon community and mindset, I personally prefer Main Street Plaza though there are many other worthy communities. Bonus feature: it holds Outer Blogness, a list of blogs by former Mormons.

Although I no longer post on this blog, feel free to explore all of my past posts. Let me know if you need anything.