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Thru You

Kutiman’s must-watch remixes of unrelated YouTube videos are a vindication of the Vulcan philosophers who believe that beauty is the result of infinite diversity in infinite combinations. Call me corny, but I truly believe that we achieve great things when we learn to make our differences an asset.

Make sure to watch all eight remixes.

(via 43Folders and Nina Paley’s Blog)

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Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I like Womanizer by Britney Spears even if it’s overproduced. (You can tell how closely I follow pop music by the fact that today is the first time I heard this song.)

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GOSPROM Broadway

The free album Broadway by GOSPROM is a perfect, driving, trippy accompaniment to mindless work. (via Free Albums Galore)


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Sam Stone

Why have I never heard of John Prine? His song, Sam Stone, breaks my heart.

There’s also a Johnny Cash cover.


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