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Deconversion Haiku

My deconversion story in haiku:

Willfully ignorant.
Now less fear of growing up,
Being true to myself.

Update: Maybe not 17 syllables, but better than it was when I first posted it.

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Blue Dawn

Blue dawn
Cold, hard floor
Waking feet


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Spam Poetry

This recent blog spam approaches the poetic. (Not for those with delicate sensibilities.)

I search for the skirt
   or team up for congeniality and lustful experiments.
In sex I take pleasure in much anal,
   surely much it is nice common voiced,

games and toys which add to sex some savour…

And, no, I don’t read every spam comment that I get.

Update: I just received a spam email that made it through Gmail’s filter. It bore the subject “Barefoot plod I the cold.”


But too awesome, methought. Surely this is borrowed and not a chance collision of words.

A quick Google search proves my instincts right. This comes from Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well. If you’re going to steal, might as well be from the very best.

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Ephemera V

A sunny moment.
I am happy to share it,
If it pleases you.

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The Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day

Only those of us who live in the desert can appreciate
the cruel monotony of clear, blue skies.

Only desert dwellers anticipate
the soft, fragrant awakening which gathering clouds portend.

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