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Please make a movie about a girl who is not a princess

Linda Holmes on her NPR blog says “Please make a movie about a girl who is not a princess.


Having daughters has changed my perspective tremendously. I want desperately for them to see that their gender won’t prevent them from seizing life by the collar and shaking it down for every last nickel of its lunch money.

Making their 2012 movie about a princess places Pixar in danger of descending into the trite. I still have faith that Pixar can turn the princess motif on its head, but…

Why does every animated heroine need to be a princess?

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Short Reviews: Embrace of the Vampire

A guilty pleasure for someone who had a schoolboy crush on Alyssa Milano during her Who’s the Boss? days, Embrace of the Vampire has only a couple of charms to recommend it. (NSFW)

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Short Reviews: American Beauty and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Two movies, one review. Both remind me that if I pay close attention, ordinary things are beautiful.

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Reviews in 50 Words or Less: Samurai Trilogy 1—Musashi Miyamoto

I read Yoshikawa’s Musashi when I was younger. The tale of the brash young samurai seeking to perfect his skill and himself influenced a lot of my thought. Am I a human or an animal? The movie Musashi Miyamoto reminded me of the book. I liked it.

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Reviews in 50 Words or Less: Fitzcarraldo

I don’t know what it is about the eponymous character of Fitzcarraldo, but I don’t like him and his operatic obsession. Is it because he’s ugly? Or do I think he’s ugly because he annoys me so much? Jung might have something to say about shadows or something.

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