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Short Reviews: Embrace of the Vampire

A guilty pleasure for someone who had a schoolboy crush on Alyssa Milano during her Who’s the Boss? days, Embrace of the Vampire has only a couple of charms to recommend it. (NSFW)

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Short Reviews: American Beauty and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Two movies, one review. Both remind me that if I pay close attention, ordinary things are beautiful.

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Reviews in 50 Words or Less: Samurai Trilogy 1—Musashi Miyamoto

I read Yoshikawa’s Musashi when I was younger. The tale of the brash young samurai seeking to perfect his skill and himself influenced a lot of my thought. Am I a human or an animal? The movie Musashi Miyamoto reminded me of the book. I liked it.

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Reviews in 50 Words or Less: Fitzcarraldo

I don’t know what it is about the eponymous character of Fitzcarraldo, but I don’t like him and his operatic obsession. Is it because he’s ugly? Or do I think he’s ugly because he annoys me so much? Jung might have something to say about shadows or something.

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Reviews in 50 Words or Less: The Power of Myth

The Power of Myth changed how I viewed religion. Where I had thought religion was either true and good or false and bad, now I think religion can be consciously false and useful: now I see the transformative power of myth and symbol.

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